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Natural Beauty and Strength for a Lifetime

If you’re a customer who values aesthetics as much as practicality, then GatorGuards Mica media is for you. Mica is a naturally-occurring mineral flake, and when applied to a flooring surface, lends an earthy, nature-inspired visage while still providing ultimate protection from dents and scratches. GatorGuard has years of experience adding mica media to our clients’ floors, and our reputation precedes us. You can expect a thorough and comprehensive experience when you work with us. Once we’ve added a mica media system, you won’t need to call us again. You can truly invest in GatorGuard once, and forget it!

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Our Unique Lifetime Process Using Products from the Earth; Mica

To put mica media in your home or business, our team administers a moisture-resistant primer coat across the surface of the targeted area. After that, we apply a one-color layer and place the mica media pattern on top. Finally, we add one or two clear coats on top of the mica media, resulting in a textured, natural look with an overlaying sheen. While the appearance of this surface is usually its biggest draw, there are some other benefits to be aware of, including chemical resistance (garage) and extreme strength and durability!

Apply Gatorguard and Have the Strongest, Most Beautiful Floor in Town!

Mica media is a great way to add pizzazz and functionality to virtually any walking surface. For instance, an auto dealership can inject class and swankiness into their showroom floor with this surface. Even residential properties can benefit from a tasteful application of mica media. In addition to mica media, liquid art and PVA systems are an excellent way to augment the décor and look of your home or office.

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