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I’ve Tried the Rest so You’ll Get the Best

Like you I was a consumer in the market to have my garage floor coated. Also like you I wanted the very best product for our home. I saw an advertisement for a local coating company and had them out for an estimate. On the day of install I happened to be home and became curious about the process…so I observed. I was quickly disappointed with the install and inevitably the end result. Frustrated as a homeowner and a business owner already established in the home improvement industry, I decided we can do this and we can do this better. Our team sought out the best of the best in the art of concrete coating for training. Fast forward to today and GatorGuard is a leading competitor in its industry. Turns out I was thankful my garage floor was a complete failure so yours doesn’t have to be.

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We’re Family Owned and We Act like It

We set ourselves apart from other home and commercial improvement companies by delivering a comprehensive set of services and standing behind our service. Our reputation is built on our dedicated craftsmanship and our deep commitment to our clients’ happiness. We promise to bring unparalleled value to our projects by effortlessly blending functionality and design, and offering you the finest finished product available. Simply put, we help make your renovation a success by coating your floors and walking surfaces so the rest of the project goes off without a hitch.

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Our goal is to bring happiness and satisfaction to each of our clients. Whether you’re a homeowner who needs a garage sealed or a factory owner in need of resealing, we are committed to carrying out the project competently. We offer a wide range of services, including the application of mica media, liquid art, PVA and seamless systems, and waterproofing sealants. Each of our products is perfect for both commercial and residential properties. To learn more, give one of our talented team members a call today.

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