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GatorGuard: We Offer Coating Solutions for Every Part of Your Home or Business

It’s essential to take care of your concrete surfaces. As a residential or commercial property owner, our sealing and coating products help make your concrete surfaces be solid and beautiful for years and years to come.

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We Offer a Broad Range of Coating Options

At GatorGuard, we offer a wide range of coating systems to both residential and commercial clients. Our versatility and wealth of offerings mean we give each customer exactly what they need. What coating is right for you?


Say goodbye to time-consuming resealing projects and say hello to GatorGuard’s one-time-only sealant application. There’s no year-to-year maintenance, and the coating lasts forever.

Mica Media

Mica is an aesthetically-appealing surface that is sure to make an impression on your guests. Our mica media coating treatments are durable and keep your property looking great long-term.

Liquid Art

Liquid art-coated floors result in a glass-like look due to how we coat them. Our customers rave about the appearance of our liquid art coatings, and we’re proud to bring them to your residence or commercial property.

PVA Systems

Deluxe, premium, and ultra-chipped coating systems all fall under this category. They are composed of a variety of materials and result in a textural, stunning look.


This is especially important in an industrial or warehouse environment, as chemical and water spills are frequent. Waterproofing also keeps residential floors from degrading over time.

Seamless Systems

This solid color finish is moisture-resistant and is durable and long-lasting. Seamless systems are ideal for both residential and commercial properties that see considerable foot traffic.

We Are Committed to Your Satisfaction

We’re committed to delivering superior customer service to our clients. That means our specialists install mica media quickly and correctly. When we arrive at your property to coat your garage with epoxy paint, we ensure every inch of the surface is correctly covered. We built our reputation on our dedication to customer satisfaction, and we demonstrate it with each project.

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