Frequently Asked Questions

Let us do the heavy lifting for you! Our White Glove Service means we’ll move your packed items into our storage trailer (left on site) during your installation. After the final cure time, we’ll be back to move your belongings back in for you. All we ask is that you box up small items, and things on shelves, to help us with expediting your installation.

Our products are designed to protect and beautify poured concrete, man-made pavers, and exposed aggregate outdoor spaces.

YES! The days of spending hours using harsh solvents or chemicals to scrub away stains are gone. Our coatings allow a simple and easy hose out or mild pressure wash. If stubborn stains or debris don’t let go, a light spray with a dilution of water/floor cleaner and a light broom scrub does the trick. We always supply cleaning and maintenance instructions along with our purchase documentation.

Any painted, coated, or sealed surface will be more prone to slips than a raw untreated one. We always add, at minimum, ATSM standard anti-skid media, we call it GatorGrip, to ensure a safe walking surface while paying close attention to site-specific needs (steps, patios, ramps, etc).

We don’t offer web or over-the-phone estimates. Concrete is complex, and every floor is different so we treat every floor that way. We’ll send a professional to your location to assess your concrete and give you an accurate, no-pressure estimate that day.

It lasts as long as your concrete! Our product mechanically bonds deeply with your concrete making it last forever. That’s why we have a lifetime warranty on our floors! Do it right, do it once.

A typical job will take 2 to 3 days to complete. The first half of the installation process is spent grinding the floor to remove approximately 3-4 milliliters to remove any existing contaminants and provide a smooth profile. We move on to patching & repairing any damage and then applying the moisture barrier & your choice of color and style flakes. The second half is then smoothing the flakes to a consistent profile and applying our standard double-clear coats.

Hydrostatic pressure (naturally occurring water pressure underground) is the #1 reason most coatings fail. GatorGuard uses only our proprietary base coat that prevents that from happening, otherwise how secure is your investment really? Most other companies won’t take those preventative measures that make the long haul difference. If you get another quote, be sure to ask them about it. Polyaspartic/Polyurea coatings going direct to the concrete are not stable if moisture readings exceed 2-3%. We are also so sure that our product is the best peace of mind you’ll find that we back it with our in-house lifetime warranty. No manufacturers to track down here!

You’ll hear contradicting statements from just about everybody offering liquid floor coating systems. It comes down to science, and we have some fantastic science geeks in our corner. The fact is they’re all great products when applied using the chemically designed situation. Epoxy is an excellent direct-to-concrete product but shouldn’t be left alone without a top coat, enter the benefits of Polyaspartic/Polyurea. But these were never designed for direct-to-concrete purposes, as they are hydrophobic, meaning they’re scared of water. Well, water makes up a major portion of concrete, so when Polyaspartic/Polyurea is applied with no hydrostatic pressure barrier, it seeps into the concrete, finds the water, and STOPS CURING! They have excellent benefits for strength and durability, which is why we use a hybrid blend of Polyaspartic/Polyurea as our two top clear coats!

Simply put, time. In our crazy busy lives, the faster the better, so the right way is secondary to the fast way. Most providers use this to get in and get out quickly to improve their bottom line, of course. Unfortunately, by using fast-cure products on the base coat, you give up longevity and investment trust as the product cures before it can deeply penetrate and form that lifetime mechanical bond that we guarantee. In the long run, is one, maybe two, more days really worth it to sacrifice a floor coating system that will stand the test of time? We, and all of our customers, certainly don’t think so.

Yes, it is. We pride ourselves on a higher level of customer experience from idea to aftercare, while providing premier concrete coating solutions designed to last a lifetime, so you don’t have to worry if you made the right investment decision. How much more? It all depends on your specific needs and style choices, we don’t have a price per square foot standard like most others. That can be unfair if your floor needs less than your neighbor but the price stays the same.