Basement Floor Coating Specialists Serving Indianapolis, IN

A basement with an epoxy floor coating has a full gym, wall-to-wall storage, and a built-in bar.Finishing a basement in your home in Indianapolis, Indiana, can provide an exceptional return on investment by significantly increasing usable square footage. However, you might be concerned about the type of flooring you should choose for this remodeling project. Carpet can easily be soiled and requires constant cleaning. Hardwood is susceptible to scuffing and scratching, which might leave the space looking unattractive after only a few years. At GatorGuard, we offer a superior solution: epoxy floor coating for basements.

About Our Basement Floor Coatings

No matter what you’d like to achieve by remodeling your basement, an epoxy floor coating is the ideal way to ensure the floor remains beautiful for a lifetime without requiring maintenance. At GatorGuard, we offer three premium options:

  • Full broadcast basement floor coatings – This epoxy coating offers industry-leading protection for concrete and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Choose from a wide array of design options, including finishes with natural stone effects.
  • Liquid Art metallic basement floor coatings – Featuring a highly reflective surface, our Liquid Art metallic coatings will elevate your basement’s design by transforming the floor into a unique work of art.

Installed the Right Way

GatorGuard’s team of full-time installers takes the time to apply basement floor coatings to the highest standards. We allow each layer to properly cure and mechanically bond to concrete. And, we also include a moisture mitigation barrier—GatorShield.

Learn More

For more information about the epoxy floor coatings we offer in Indianapolis, IN, contact us today. When you do, remember to ask about our optional Move Out, Move In Program—we will remove all contents from your basement and return them once the project is complete.