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Trusted Floor Coating Contractors Serving Indianapolis, IN

A basement with an epoxy floor coating that has a stone pattern.Whether in your garage, basement, or patio, flooring has a key role to play in tying the design of the space together. Of course, flooring also puts up with endless punishment from car and/or foot traffic, and can quickly become scuffed, worn, and dingy. At GatorGuard, we can stop the endless cycle of cleaning and maintenance while providing your flooring with enhanced protection that looks and performs beautifully year after year. As Indianapolis’ premier floor coating contractor, we:

Provide Turnkey Floor Coating Services

We are the floor coating contractors that Indianapolis homeowners trust to provide solutions that are 100% tailored to their needs. When you contact us, we’ll thoroughly explain all of your options, enabling you to make an informed decision.

For example, our full broadcast flooring coating—our most recommended option—is available in an enormous array of styles and colors to suit your needs and is designed to provide the ultimate protection. In fact, it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Looking for a more cost-effective option? Look to our seamless floor coatings, which have a smooth, elegant finish that’s easy to maintain.

Additionally, GatorGuard provides concrete sealing that’s perfect for protecting outdoor spaces such as patios, pool decks, and driveways. And, if you’d like to turn your floors into a work of art, our metallic systems are the perfect solution. While not ideal for spaces where cars will be parked, these coating systems are perfect for any interior room, such as the basement, where you want to create unique visual appeal.

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As your floor coating contractor, we’re sure to not only have the right solution for your needs, but to also provide an expert application. Indeed, we have in-house, manufacturer-trained professionals on our team who adhere to best practices and take the time needed to properly apply each layer of epoxy floor coating. What’s more, we’re the only floor coating contractor in the area to always include a moisture mitigation barrier, which prevents common issues like delamination and peeling.

For the best value on concrete floor coating, trust the project to Indianapolis’ premier floor coating contractors. Contact us today to get started.