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Garage Floor Coating Specialists Serving Indianapolis, IN, Homeowners

A close-up image of the edge of a concrete garage floor that has an epoxy coating.From daily car traffic to dropped tools, the garage floor in your home in Indianapolis, Indiana, has a lot to contend with. In fact, you might find that keeping the floor free from damage, scuffs, and stains is a constant battle. As garage floor coating experts, GatorGuard can make your life a little easier. We install top-of-the-line epoxy coating systems to equip your garage floor with the ultimate in protection.

Garage Flooring Coating Options

At GatorGuard, we’re proud to provide solutions to meet virtually any homeowner’s needs and budget. Our garage floor coatings include:

Full Broadcast Coating Systems

If you’re looking to coat your garage floor with the industry’s most hardwearing epoxy coating system, our full broadcast solution is the perfect option. This industrial-grade garage floor coating is applied using molecular bonding to ensure each layer is ultra-durable and lasts a lifetime. It is also exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. Plus, you’ll love the wide array of visually appealing styles and colors available.

Seamless Coating Systems

If your tastes skew toward simplicity, a cost-effective seamless garage floor coating might be the right choice. Available in a variety of solid colors, this coating system will elevate your floor’s look while providing year after year of defense against weathering, staining, and abrasion.

Installed by Experts

Your garage floor coating won’t perform as intended if it isn’t properly installed. While other garage floor coating companies provide one-day installations, this often results in poor mechanical adhesion to concrete. We, on the other hand, take the time to complete the project correctly. Plus, because we install GatorShield—a water mitigation barrier—with every floor coating project, your garage floor coating will be well protected against the damaging effects of hydrostatic pressure.

Beyond using proven techniques to install the industry’s best-performing epoxy floor coatings, GatorGuard protects our customers’ investments with industry-leading warranties. Best of all, we take full responsibility for any defects, so you’ll never have to call the manufacturer about a warranty issue.

Why wait to protect and enhance the garage floor in your Indianapolis, IN, home? Contact GatorGuard today to learn more about our garage floor coating solutions.