Epoxy Flooring Solutions for Louisville, KY, Homeowners

Bare concrete floors and surfaces might seem practical—until you drop something heavy or spill some oil. What do you do about cracked, stained concrete? GatorGuard is pleased to offer an ideal solution for Louisville, Kentucky, homeowners: our epoxy flooring. We install a variety of different epoxy floor coatings to beautify and protect your concrete surfaces. Our coatings can even mask existing damage to truly revitalize your floors.

GatorGuard’s Epoxy Floor Coating Options

We install three different types of epoxy flooring to meet a wide variety of needs:

  • Full-broadcast epoxy floor coating – Backed by our lifetime product and installation warranty, this heavy-duty coating is perfect for garage floors and other high-traffic areas. You can choose from different chip systems as well as a broad selection of colors and styles.
  • Liquid Art metallic epoxy floor coating – We’ll turn your floor into a work of art with a mesmerizing, swirled design in the color of your choice. The high-gloss finish of this coating reflects light, which can help brighten up dark corners and spaces.
  • Clear concrete sealant – Specifically meant for outdoor use, this sealant will protect your driveway, pool deck, patio, and walkways from UV rays, chemical abrasion, and more. It also easily rinses clean—no more scrubbing oil drips off your driveway!

No matter which type of coating best suits your needs, you can feel confident that it’ll last for decades. We install our GatorShield moisture mitigation barrier with every floor coating, which virtually eliminates the risk of hydrostatic pressure buildup (which can cause delamination and peeling).

Interested in epoxy flooring but dreading all the heavy lifting of moving your belongings around twice? We offer a White Glove Service where we’ll move, store, and replace everything for you.

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