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Give Your Kitchen or Basement a High-Gloss Makeover

Liquid art is one of our most popular finishes due to its pattern, color flexibility and ability to be used in a variety of rooms. Bathrooms, kitchens, and finished basements all benefit from this unique coating technique. When adding a Liquid Art coating we introduce a beautiful glossy sheen that takes you and your guests’ breath away. GatorGuard is skilled at applying these surfaces in rooms throughout your home or office, making us the go-to source for liquid art applications.

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Enjoy the Luxury and High-Society Vibe of Liquid Art

Liquid art is made of two high solids and a two-component metallic polymer, which lends its unique look. Due to how it is applied, it creates a sophisticated look and a three-dimensional high-gloss appearance that amplifies the personality of the room it’s in. Luxury and class come to mind when walking through a home with liquid art-coated floors.

Liquid Art: A Look People Love, but Few Have. Call Us Today!

At GatorGuard, we believe in delivering a comprehensive and high-quality product to our customers, backed by unparalleled customer service. Each job is different. Some clients want a liquid art-coated garage surface. For others, an entire-house coating is on the docket. Our team is adaptable and reliable and is always up to the task. In addition to liquid art applications, we also coat your property with mica media and PVA systems.

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