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Enhance. Beautify. Protect.

Concrete Sealing and Staining

Does your home have a concrete driveway, patio or basement? What about pavers, stamped concrete or exposed aggregate? Are they dull, dirty, weathered or in dire need of a make-over? Because you’re a proud homeowner, you may find your well-earned weekend just got high-jacked by hours of cleaning, scrubbing or re-sealing, yet again. Our Poly Enhance Coating System also blocks the penetration of stains, oil and other contaminants, protects the concrete from abrasion and wear, and enriches color intensity.

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concrete sealing

Four Reasons Why Professional Sealing is the Answer

If you’re unclear about the merits of professional sealing, consider the following:

  • Cleanliness: A well-sealed floor is much easier to clean. Moreover, dust originates from there and can become trapped in the porous concrete. Our sealant prevents it from settling in by making the surface less porous. Additionally, a non professionally sealed floor traps stains and mildew, which the GatorGuard Poly Enhance treatment prevents.
  • Traction: Your safety is important. Whether you’re considering sealing your front porch, or if you’re a commercial property owner, you must keep everyone safe. The good news is, our sealing services provide increased traction, something vital in high-traffic and/or wet environments.
  • Durability: Our sealant is a one-time-only coat. That means you don’t have to reseal it later. Additionally, GatorGuard’s sealing technology is incredibly resilient and resists cracks and stains well.
  • Brightness: GatorGuards Poly Enhance treatment presents a beautiful glossy sheen. In industrial sealing, warehouses often lack exterior windows. Your employees will appreciate a surface that reflects not only the ceiling lights, but any natural light that makes its way into your building.

The Most Expensive Home Improvement Project Is That Which You Must Do over and over Again

Once installed, our industrial sealer will negate hours of weekend maintenance, prevent the infiltration of moisture, salt, and protect substrates from weathering for years to come. Those second-rate home hardware products just can’t compete; use them and you’ll find yourself re-sealing year after year.

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