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Seamless Systems Offer Simplicity and Practicality

Seamless systems are perfect for clients who need to improve the functionality, safety, and durability of the walking surfaces in their building without the textures and colors of mica media or PVA systems. GatorGuard applies hundreds of these systems each year due to their simplicity and ability to satisfy customers. They’re as easy to apply as our other coats, and present very little disruption to your day-to-day operations. As with our other systems, our specialists apply a primer coat before adding two solid-color layers on top. In some cases, we will add a clear coat to add sheen, but this is not necessary. Either way, GatorGuard’s ability to administer seamless systems is what our reputation is built on.

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From Garages to Driveways, These Systems Are Perfect

Both commercial and residential customers benefit from the application of seamless systems, as they are ideally-situated for placement in a broad range of areas and on an array of surfaces. We can place seamless systems on garage floors, driveways, interior floors, and custom floorings. They also provide excellent slip-and-fall protection. The additional benefits of these applications include:

  • Seamless systems have ultra-low VOCs
  • They are moisture-resistant for increased safety
  • Eco-friendly design
  • The floor will be easy to clean
  • The coating is resistant to solvents
  • UV stable
  • Once coated, it will be impermeable
  • And more

Seamless GatorGuard; Strong, Solid, and Simple.

GatorGuard serves a variety of customers, from residential homeowners and landlords to massive commercial warehouses. To us, the act of installing a seamless system is the same regardless of the size of the floor in question. We work quickly and efficiently and never leave a mess for you to clean up after we leave. To learn more about GatorGuard’s comprehensive line of sealing and coating services, contact us today.

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