Expert Concrete Patio Sealing Services for Beech Grove, IN, Homeowners

A bare concrete porch or patio can be a pain to maintain, between regularly scrubbing it down and applying DIY coatings frequently. Fortunately, there’s a better way to enjoy your outdoor space without the backbreaking work—simply turn to GatorGuard for professional concrete patio sealing. Our sealant offers a long-lasting, durable, and attractive solution for Beech Grove, Indiana, homeowners.

Benefits of Our Patio Floor Coating

Our professional concrete patio sealer offers several advantages over other types of sealant. It’s exceptionally durable and long-lasting, thanks to the fact that it’s chemically bonded to the concrete and includes our GatorShield moisture mitigation barrier. This barrier prevents the buildup of hydrostatic pressure and minimizes the risk of delamination and peeling. And, since it’s impermeable to water, your patio will be safe from damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles.

Our concrete patio sealant also offers premium protection against damage from UV rays, rain, snow, dropped objects, heavy foot traffic, chemical abrasion, and more. It provides an attractive wet look that enhances the natural color of the concrete, and it’s easy to rinse clean. GatorGuard’s sealant is appropriate for stamped concrete, pavers, or exposed aggregate porches and patios, and we can also seal your other outdoor surfaces, including your driveway, pool deck, and walkways.

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Contact GatorGuard today to learn more about our professional concrete patio sealing services. It would be our pleasure to schedule a consultation at your Beech Grove home, during which we can answer any questions, provide an estimate, and share details about our financing options.