Installing Premium Garage Floor Coatings for Homeowners in Huntington Woods, MI

A worker install a garage floor coating

Garage floors are often subjected to heavy foot and vehicle traffic, which can leave them stained, worn, and cracked. Fortunately, GatorGuard can completely transform your garage—and protect your floor—with an epoxy garage floor coating. Our coatings can hide existing imperfections, protect against future damage, and create a visually appealing and uniform surface. We are pleased to offer our heavy-duty garage floor coatings to homeowners in Huntington Woods, Michigan, and throughout the Midwest.

Our Ultra-Durable Full Broadcast Garage Floor Coatings

We offer full broadcast garage floor coatings, which are backed by an unbeatable lifetime warranty. With both PVA and mica systems available and dozens of colors and styles to choose from, our coatings can complement nearly any garage aesthetic imaginable. Our systems can even mimic natural stone if you prefer. This type of coating features a textured, non-slip finish so you can safely walk and drive on the surface even when it’s wet.

Some garage floor coating companies boast one-day installations, but we don’t believe in rushing perfection. Instead, we take the time necessary to let each layer of your new floor coating cure completely before we proceed to the next one. The whole process usually takes around three days, but by taking this extra time, we create a more durable finish that will last a lifetime. We also incorporate our GatorShield moisture mitigation barrier with every garage floor coating, which prevents damage from the buildup of hydrostatic pressure.

We understand that moving all your belongings out of and back into your garage can be a big job. That’s why we offer our White Glove Service—we’ll pack everything into a trailer, store it securely offsite, and then replace everything exactly as it was once your new floor is done.

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To learn more about our garage floor coatings, contact GatorGuard today. We’d be happy to answer questions and share additional information about our warranties and financing options, which are available to qualified Huntington Woods buyers.