Installing Flawless Garage Floor Coatings for McCordsville, IN, Homeowners

Garage floors can take a serious beating from regular vehicle and foot traffic, ice-melting chemicals that get tracked in, heavy items that are stored in the garage, spills, and so forth. This means that your concrete garage floor can quickly become stained, cracked, and otherwise damaged. Fortunately, GatorGuard offers a simple solution for McCordsville, Indiana, homeowners: our professional garage floor coating services. Our floor coatings can not only hide existing damage, but they’ll also protect your garage floor from future damage.

Our Concrete Garage Floor Coatings

We install heavy-duty, ultra-durable full-broadcast epoxy garage floor coatings, which are backed by our lifetime warranty. These coatings are:

  • Resistant to scratches, stains, and cracks
  • Low maintenance
  • Non-slip
  • Easy to clean

You can choose from a wide range of colors, chip styles, and textures to perfectly suit your aesthetic preferences. Every garage floor coating includes our GatorShield moisture mitigation barrier, which protects against hydrostatic pressure buildup, peeling, and delamination.

If you are excited about getting a garage floor coating installed but not so excited about the prospect of moving and storing everything that’s in your garage, we have great news for you—we can do the heavy lifting for you! With our optional White Glove Service, we’ll pack everything from your garage into a trailer, store it all securely while we work, and then replace everything once your new floor coating is complete.

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Contact GatorGuard today to learn more about our garage floor coating options. It would be our pleasure to schedule a consultation at your McCordsville home.