The Leading Selection of Basement Epoxy Coating in Norwood, OH

When it comes to finishing or remodeling your basement, the choice of flooring can be a critical decision. Traditional options like carpet and hardwood come with their challenges—matted surfaces, frequent cleaning, and susceptibility to scuffs and scratches. For concrete basement floors, GatorGuard offers a superior, long-lasting, and low-maintenance solution: our high-quality basement epoxy floor coatings.

Options to Suit Your Taste & Meet Your Goals

At GatorGuard, we offer different types of basement epoxy coating for you to choose from, including: 

  • Full-Broadcast coating – Backed by a lifetime warranty, our premium full-broadcast floor coating offers unparalleled resistance to damage, making it perfect for high-traffic areas. Choose from a myriad of colors and styles to customize your basement space so that it looks just as good as it performs.
  • Liquid Art coating: Elevate your basement design with Liquid Art, a metallic floor coating boasting a highly reflective surface and stunning patterns and vibrant hues that will beautify your space.

Furthermore, GatorGuard prioritizes safety with a non-slip surface integrated into the epoxy coating. This feature is especially crucial for basement areas where the risk of slips and falls is higher. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your basement is not only visually appealing but also a safer space for your family and guests.

Expert Installation

GatorGuard takes pride in its in-house team of manufacturer-trained installers, ensuring that your basement epoxy coating project is completed with the utmost precision and care. Our process involves applying multiple layers of highly durable epoxy, complemented by a moisture mitigation barrier that prevents delamination and peeling caused by hydrostatic pressure.

At GatorGuard, we don’t just coat floors; we transform basements into functional, visually stunning spaces that stand the test of time. Contact us today to discover the benefits of choosing GatorGuard for your basement apoxy coating project in the Norwood, OH, area.