Premium Basement Floor Coatings for Powell, OH, Homeowners

If your concrete basement floor is cracked, stained, or scuffed, turn to GatorGuard for a beautiful basement floor coating. We can completely transform the basement of your Powell, Ohio, home with a gorgeous epoxy coating that will last for decades. We offer two types of basement floor coatings:

Full-Broadcast Basement Floor Coating

This is our most durable option and it’s backed by a lifetime product and installation warranty. Our full-broadcast coatings feature a textured, non-slip surface and offer outstanding protection against damage from:

  • Heavy foot traffic
  • Dropped objects and other impacts
  • Chemical abrasion (from salt, ice-melting chemicals, or other substances that may get tracked indoors)

You can choose from dozens of color, style, and chip options to create the perfect floor coating that matches the aesthetic of your basement.

Liquid Art Metallic Epoxy Basement Floor Coating

Our manufacturer-trained team will create a gorgeous swirling design in the metallic color of your choice. This type of coating features a smooth, high-gloss surface that reflects light and can help illuminate dark corners of your basement. Each Liquid Art floor is a completely unique work of art.

Why Choose GatorGuard?

At GatorGuard, we don’t believe in cutting corners. To that end, we allow each layer of your coating to cure completely before we move on to the next one. Does it take a little longer this way? Yes. Does it result in a more flawless, longer-lasting floor coating? Absolutely.

We also know that epoxy floor coatings are more likely to fail from hydrostatic pressure building up below the coating than from wear on its top surface, so we install our GatorShield moisture mitigation barrier to virtually eliminate the hydrostatic pressure issue.

Finally, we know that moving all of your belongings out of your basement can be a huge chore. So, we offer our White Glove Service—we’ll do all the heavy lifting and moving for you.

To learn more about our basement floor coating options for Powell homeowners, contact GatorGuard today.